World's best casino restaurants
People usually play at online casinos, because they can play it anywhere they want. But sometimes we want to play casino games, and at the same time, eat delicious food. For such purposes casino restaurants exist.When we hear something about the casino restaurant, the first thing we think about is the restaurant inside the casino. Interiors and architecture are amazing, food is delicious, and the whole process is accompanied by a live music or famous singers personally. Just imagine this small paradise for every gambler. Let’s look closer at the world’s best casino restaurants. European islands of paradise. First stop - Monte-Carlo, the casino restaurant Le Train Bleu. This restaurant is visited by Formula 1 drivers, famous Hollywood actors, tennis players, it’s gonna take weeks to name all the visitors. All this means only one thing - only talented personal works at the restaurant! Le Train Bleu is located at the famous square Place du casino in Monaco. Probably, it is the best casino restaurant in the world. Next- Madrid, the casino restaurant La Terraza. Style of this place is not as elegant as the previous one, but still… Gorgeous view of Madrid, brilliant kitchen, and in order to have a dinner in this place, it is necessary to reserve a table long before your actual visit. The average check there is 100-300 euros, so be prepared. Casino restaurants in other countries Macau, The 8 restaurant. It is located in an elegant building of the casino Grand Lisboa, and offers only Asian cuisine. This restaurant is known for its wide selection of dim sum dishes (more than 50), which means that everyone will find something new for themselves in this restaurant. It’s very hard to describe the beauty of the dishes and their taste. This is the first and only restaurant in Macau, which has three stars according to Michelin red guide. Next and find stop- Guy Savoy, at the Caesar Palace Casino in the sin city Las Vegas. In 2015 this casino restaurant received five stars by Forbes magazine, and has two stars according to Michelin rating. This restaurant can offer different delicacies such as foie gras or soup of artichoke and black truffle. A wide selection of cognacs is also available. Casino restaurants are an amazing place, where, after playing your favorite casino games you can afford to try out the delicious and unique dishes of world cuisine, made by the best chefs. Even those who prefer to play at online casinos, such as Stargames casino or William Hill, should definitely visit casino restaurants.
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