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Camnetwork is a searchengine, with which you can find and view webcms. The webcams can be found on a Google map, but also based on other criteria. For example webcams can be found based on their rating, on how popular they are, and when they were added. Also the webcams can be found by the link structure on the website, based on their city and country
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A40 motorway
This webcam shows the A40 motorway life. In Germany you have mostly no speed limitations at these motorways.
11.04.2011 - 04:20:39
Mannheim Water-Tower
This Webcam showes the famous Water-Tower in Mannheim. It has been build 1889. The camera is placed at the roof of the Maritim hotel.
11.04.2011 - 04:20:39
Contorno c/ Andradas
A brazil monitoring webcam for streets.
11.04.2011 - 04:20:39
This webcam shows the office of the company Webhoster Ag. It offeres Webspace, Domains and Server-Housing.
11.04.2011 - 04:20:39
Contorno c/ Viaduto Leste
This cam shows a street, some houses in the backgroud, and green trees.
11.04.2011 - 04:20:39
Market square or castle
This webcam shows the caste and as well the market place in Marburg. The live picture changes regularly. It also is possible to display a live video of the market place in Marbrug. The market place in Marburg is lokated in the so named "Oberstadt". There next to the Saturday morning market sometimes concerts take place. If the webcam does not show the market square the castle is shown. If during the night, the sky is clear, it is possible to see the stars next to the castle.
11.04.2011 - 04:20:39
N. Sa. Fátima c/ Peçanha
Monitoringwebcam in Brazil.
11.04.2011 - 04:20:39
http://www.camnetwork.org/en/webcam_118__n._sa._f%25c3%25a1tima_c%252f_pe%25c3%2 ...
Spiegelslustturm - lights-art-prject
Here you can see the "Spiegelslustturm" (Spiegelslust tower). During the day you see visitors walking around at the top of the tower. During the night you can see the light-art-project. By calling a number you can activate enlighteneding of the heart.The money payed by this is donated to charity.
11.04.2011 - 04:20:39
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