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Making  personalized candles for weddings and other events can be a great  experience, so hopefully we can give you some tips that we have learned  to enable you to make some beautiful candles for your special event.

One of the main problems, when I first started was getting the right  information. There is a lot of information from people in the United  States, but not so much in Australia or they are reluctant to share  their knowledge.

I have many years of making soy candles but I felt that my knowledge involved making wedding candles in person.

I am happy to share information.

The method used in most YouTube videos was to print on tissue paper,  then allow the wax to soak into the tissue paper to melt the candle,  allowing the paper to stick to the candle. Soaking tissue paper gives  the impression that decal is embedded in wax.
I find this method quite tedious and don't like the idea of using tissue  paper. I like to use water slide decal paper, then dip the entire  pillar candle in melted paraffin wax.
The method I had the most success with was to dip the candle just once  in paraffin wax to give a very thin coating of wax. Dipping more than  once will mean that the privatization you have done will not be obvious.

Now I know that people can say that they don't like paraffin candles,  but when you think about it, most unity candles, candles that make  candles are not really used for very long or sometimes at all. Huh. They  are generally used as symbols of ceremonies.
So what do you need?

1. Pillar candles and any shape you like. The most popular sizes for  wedding or unity candles are 20 - 25 cm tall candles. This height  allows the candle to be individualized with text such as name, date,  location, and location for embellishments such as ribbons or adhesive  "bling".
 2. Paraffin wax to coat your candle
3. Water Slide Decal Paper. In Australia it can be purchased from Tilmin  or Natural Candle Supply. Dykla paper is available for ink jet or laser  jet, so make sure you select the correct one.
4. Ribbons, embellishments, adhesive diamantes etc.
5. Scissors, glue etc.
The process of personalization is very simple, but practice is required to correct it.
Step 1 Once you have prepared your pillar candle, it is time to select  your lesson. Most wedding candles will have the bride, groom's name,  date, place, and a poem that they have chosen. Make sure that when you  print your water slide on decal paper, you select a font that is easy to  read and easy to read once you have dipped the candle in wax. Once the  decal is on the candle and submerged, there is no turning back.

Many verses can be found on the internet, so see what's available.  Greeting cards are also a great source of verses and proverbs for  weddings.
Most people have not used decals, but it is an easy process.
Step 2 once the decal is printed, it needs to be sealed with a sealant that will prevent the deal from rubbing.

Cut to size, soak in water, and then slowly slide on paper and your  candle. At this stage the decal is still wet, so it can be moved to the  surface of your candle to get it into the correct position. Use a smooth  cloth to gently squeeze out any water or bubbles from the bottom of the  decal. It should look completely smooth.

Step 3 the candle is now ready to dip, so melt your paraffin wax. I  use a rice cooker (must be an Australian thing) to melt my wax and lease  notes that this wax can be quite hot unlike the paraffin that we use at  50C.

Pour your melted wax into a container that is no wider than your  candle. This will reduce the amount of wax you need, but remember that  you can only dip once, so the wax will need to cover all your candles.  If you are unsure, try it with water first, then just dry your candle  and try again with wax.

The wax will harden almost immediately and then you will be ready to decorate your candle.
Step 4 Decorate your candle. When you reach this state it is basically  up to you. You have a lot of options such as ribbons, dimensions,  string, laces, and beads. The whole idea is to go with the wedding theme  and colour scheme or match the decor.

It is all up to you.
Wedding candles online are in the unique position of being able to offer  hand-poured soy-based candles in beautiful, aesthetically pleasing  glass containers. Our uniqueness lies in the fact that we can customize  your wax colour and scent to match your wedding theme and table  decoration.

For more information visit: Taufkerzen

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