Shake your fringes
Fashion is always changing and what is trendy today could be out of fashion in one month. But nowadays, every designer and expert is searching for inspiration between old articles that are becoming fashionable once again. I am speaking about FRINGES. We first saw them in the garments of Native American Tribes. Then, in the 20s fringes were the main part of the most fashionable dresses for women. After, they have been used in hippies style and so on through history… but actually a fringe remains a border of threads left loose that is used to edge bags, clothes and other accessories. Fringes are usually made of leather or eco-leather: both materials are really nice to see and give a lively effect to the accessories. It is a product that can be applied as it is or is also possible to create tassels twisting the upper part of the leather threads as you can see in the tutorial at this link . It is considered an evergreen when we are speaking about shawls: kind of bigger scarves that always have fringes at the edges. In the end, when you see fringes do not think just to American Indian Carnival costumes but remember about this blog and all the accessories which you can design and adorn.
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